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An exfoliating facial and lip peel for removal of dead skin, dark spots, blackhead, sunburn, and a complete facial revival. It lightly peels the facial skin and the lips, revealing the skin underneath. A product especially known to gradually peel and lighten dark/black lips. 


Le'Fleur Face and Lip Peel lightly peels the facial skin and and the lips, revealing the skin underneath A combination of fruits acids and natural essential oils. 


Directions: After cleansing, spray Le'Fleur Face and Lip peel into cotton ball and rub on skin. Do not rinse off. Apply lightening cream on face and lips afterwards. Use once or twice a day until a noticeable difference is experienced. Apply moisturizer after your skin has peeled. 



Pls do not reapply after your skin has already peeled. Doing this will burn your skin. 

Useful tips: While brushing in the daytime, use the toothbrush to brush over your lips for one minute. This helps to exfoliate the lips. 

Active Ingredients: Vitamin A 0.1%, Kojic Acid & AHAs









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