Have you used other knuckle products and they didn't work or your knuckles get darker a few days later? We have had our share of different dark knuckle peels and creams, Floris Duo, Grace Duo...etc. When you use these peels, your hands will look ugly for a few days, then they peel, then a few days later, they get darker again. Ugh, frustratingggg, we know! What we can tell you is this is the last knuckle cream you will ever use. Its like nothing you have ever used and it starts working in a few days! The more you apply, the whiter the dark areas get. The side effect is, your knuckles can get whiter than your hands. We use it personally and can vouch for how great this works!


This super concentrated cream is formulated particularly for darkened areas such as dark knuckles, knees, elbows, and toes. It erases and whitens these areas effortlessly!


  1. Cleanse your hands: Start by cleansing your hands to ensure the area is clean and free from any dirt or impurities.

  2. Apply to affected areas regularly: Take a small amount of the Knuckle Eraser Cream and apply it to the affected areas on or around the knuckles. Focus on the areas with dark marks, spots, or blemishes.

  3. Massage for deep penetration: Gently massage the cream into the skin for a few minutes. This helps to promote deep penetration of the cream and allows the active ingredients to work effectively.

It is recommended to use the cream regularly and consistently for the best results. Depending on the severity of the dark marks and the individual's skin type.


Rub into darkened areas three times a day, In the morning, after your bath, in the afternoon after washing your hands and at night before bed. Repeat these steps until your desired results are achieved.

Then, apply once or twice a day to maintain your results. It should be applied to target areas only.


A Jar can last you two months, depending on how many areas you use it on. 


Suitable for all skin types.

Results vary. 






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